An Album of Soothe

Big ups to Wendell P, whom I met on a bike path one day trying to give him a flyer to an event, and sent this to me after I said on a facebook status I endured one of the most "psychologically challenging" days ever.

This album was aloe vera to all the shocks, aches, nicks, cuts and other mental intensities.

My Banana Slug Playlist

Just about 8 years ago, I was an undergraduate student at UC-Santa Cruz, apparently the "crown jewel" of the UCs as I read in some brochure. Visual evidence here.

When I first got to SC, I was headed towards a career in history. Fresh off 2 years of Socratic instruction and thoroughly critical paper writing from a great teacher at my high school.

Or legal studies. To "learn how the rules so I could learn how to 'break them" heavily inspired by the big blockbuster "Catch Me if You Can."

Or Anthropology. Cause after classes with Donna Haraway, Lisa Rofel, and reading Guns, Germs, and Steel, Mythologies, and City of Quartz, the discipline of Anthropology was the most "natural" subject to integrate all those interests.

A large chunk of my Santa Cruz experience also included the social events and interactions: the Pilipino Cultural Celebration (PCC) where I played a "manong", an elder Filipino man, the Saturday nights of my sophomore year up the hills at Merrill College with a multicultural hodgepodge of characters pretending not to drink while being "underage", the ish-talking while going to the dining hall, using NBA Street as a therapy for everything.

I loved Santa Cruz, but I guess I liked LA a lot more.

And I did wonder a lot about what my path woulda looked like had I just stayed on for the rest of the 2 years.

All water under the bridge now, and I just made some new memories about a few weeks ago there, but here's to the place and peoples that made Santa Cruz, Santa Cruz.

Fischerspooner - Emerge

I forgot exactly how I bumpbed into this song, but I do remember it was clearly my soccer-ball-kicking, All Mac-everything, NBA 2K3-hogging friend Harlan's song.

But I thought nothing about him at all.

Instead all I thought about when I heard this song was Jamal Crawford and the Chicago Bulls of 2002-2003.

There was nothing positively memorable at all about the 2002-2003 Chicago Bulls.

Sublime - Santeria

This was more a Long Beach song, and all because of Ms. Company Flow Desiree Mags.

But it was a good way to sum up the good times at UCSC.

The Perpetual Ultimate Momentum-Generating Song

The Go-Team - The Power Is On!

I can listen to this song any time and repeat it over and over. I can make a religion devoted to this song.

It ignites the fire-on-the-shoulder, draw-the-sword line, swing the iron chain energy that I bring out when someone or something p's me the eff off.

It sounds like tough little girls in the background, sorta reminds me of scenes from Bend it Like Beckham, but urges to press on.

I think of all the weather conditions I bike in.

I think of car chases.

I think of cutting people the eff up.

Playlist of Healing

My friend Stacie said that her past career was Music therapy.

I have no idea what that is or the extent of their work, but I do know that people "medicate" or use just about anything for therapy. People will do "retail" therapy, that is shop, people will use "substance therapy", people will do "food therapy."

When I had my last break-up and was balls to the wall beaten, a man named Wendell sent me some really good sounds that made me feel good.

Below are a collection of 10 songs that I can listen to over and over and feel good, especially after a period of downness.

10. Youtube User - You'll Never Walk Alone

I always liked the game of soccer/futbol/football mostly because of the electric atmosphere it generated. In particular I love the atmosphere brought when FC Liverpool plays when they play that song "Never Walk Alone", just a very peaceful, very communal song.

9. Immaculate Heart High School Los Angeles Graduation 2006 - I Hope You Dance

This was sung during my Sister's high school graduation, and I thought their rendition was particularly uplifting.