Playlist of Healing

My friend Stacie said that her past career was Music therapy.

I have no idea what that is or the extent of their work, but I do know that people "medicate" or use just about anything for therapy. People will do "retail" therapy, that is shop, people will use "substance therapy", people will do "food therapy."

When I had my last break-up and was balls to the wall beaten, a man named Wendell sent me some really good sounds that made me feel good.

Below are a collection of 10 songs that I can listen to over and over and feel good, especially after a period of downness.

10. Youtube User - You'll Never Walk Alone

I always liked the game of soccer/futbol/football mostly because of the electric atmosphere it generated. In particular I love the atmosphere brought when FC Liverpool plays when they play that song "Never Walk Alone", just a very peaceful, very communal song.

9. Immaculate Heart High School Los Angeles Graduation 2006 - I Hope You Dance

This was sung during my Sister's high school graduation, and I thought their rendition was particularly uplifting.

8. UCLA Samahang (1982) - Theme Song

UCLA Samahang is a group of Filipino Students at UCLA that I was a part during part of my undergrad years. They have this annual cultural celebration full of performances complete with dances and skits. However, they are more than this group dedicated to cultural performances. When I was there, they were a family, and we did things from outreaching to high school students to going to rallies, organizing conferences.

I enjoyed the feeling of community there and it was embodied in this theme song that we sang.

7. UCLA Tinig (2006) - Magkaisa

UCLA Tinig is the choral group of that Samahang group I just described.

With my fellow group members from an organization called the Pilipino Transfer Student Partnership organized a conference for those interested in transferring to UCLA, UCLA Tinig took the stage at the end of the conference and rocked the show, however this is not what the video is of.

Again, inspired by the togetherness and unity embodied in this song.

6. R.Kelly - I Believe I Can Fly

Came from Space Jam.

The video above is Michael Jordan highlights.

5. K'Naan - Wavin' Flag

This a song that came out for the 2010 World Cup. Its the kinda song that would make someone proud of a tough upbringing, or just getting through tons of the crap that life throws at ya.

This is the song that'll be playing in my head when I get that moment of positive acknowledgement.

4. The PI Girls (from UCLA CCCP SITE 2010) - Climb!/video/video.php?v=1439315617279

Last Summer, I was a peer mentor at UCLA for this center called the Center for Community College partnerships and their summer program Summer Intensive Transfer Experience (SITE). This program was focused on Asian/Pacific Islander students from Santa Monica.

Yes, there are some Asian groups that do well, however, this masks the difficulty of "other" groups that fall under the category of Asian. Pacific islanders are one group particularly underrepresented in higher education. This conference was one step in reversing that trend.

We talked about the processes of transferring and students went through a week of classes at UCLA meant to engage not only their awareness of what it took to transfer but their awareness of issues in education. We did one-on-ones, group talks, seminars, and a lot of discussion.

At the end of the program, we had a talent show.

There was one group of talented Polynesian girls that sang this song and made me tear up in pride.

The Climb.

3. Kanye West, Jay-Z - Never Let You Down

This song I've played in times of hardship for inspiration. It's a song that makes me want to keep fighting the good fight. If there is one thing I want to do in life, it's always to make those around me happy that they've been around me.

2. Abstract Rude - Hi Mom

A song about gratefulness.

"Some don't even have a mom and dad to take for granted."

1. Blue Scholars - Sagaba (Remix)

A song of both healing and hope. Sagaba in Illocano translates to suffering. I've loved this song for a while, I just didn't know who it applied to. I think of an emerging sunlight that can only get brighter.

It's my song for you, Savatri.

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