Tribute to DDL Roundhouse

Came to the party late because DDL Roundhouse came together for the last time on July 16th in Pasadena. This also marked the very first time I saw them live.

DDL Roundhouse had a bunch of elements --- a nine-piece band: a DJ, a drummer, a keyboardist, a singer, MC's, a bassist, a guitarist, a trumpeteer.

From what I remember reading an old description, their name is based on a Street Fighter move --- the Hurricane Kick executed by the characters Ryu and Ken. DDL Roundhouse stands for the buttons you'd press to execute the most powerful hurricane kick. "DDL" stands for Down, Down, Left, and the Roundhouse is the Roundhouse kick, the button C if you had a Sega Genesis.

They were an LA-based group and cranked out jazzy hip-hop. I really think that they deserved better promotion, and more shows.

I'm proud to say I went to school and was friends with what was their keyboardist and resident beatboxer --- Jason. Surely enough his last show brought me back with a few of my high school buds from way.

I really liked a few of their songs and overdid the replay button on a few:

The one below was my favorite.

Hopefully DDL's just kidding about the final show and this was just the start to get serious about marketing themselves more.

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