My Sister's Modelling Days Music

Once upon a time, my lil sister was a model for this "exotic" Filipino clothing line called the Lakambini clothing collection. She got into the LA Times once.

1994-1996 were the years. I attended some 10-15 of her modelling gigs and probably over 50 of her practices; they were defining events for our family, as in my mom and dad would clear out their schedules for this.

While there was a decidedly "feminine" tone to these gigs and practices, and there were tons of hot older mostly Filipina girls, I was a wee-10-year old trying to sort out, perform, and project my own masculinity. LOL, I was hoping someone would take notice of me.

I was taking karate classes and projected out the lessons learned into their practices.

One time when I was doing squats, the modelling coach, Bobby, smiling, asked me if I was doing gymnastics.

"No, it's karate," I laughed off his ignorance and femininity.

If that story was current and featured an adult iteration of me, it would be the thoughts and actions of a super-douche, and I'd give people the license to slap me.

Anyhow, the songs below, decidedly, remind me of good times.

Celine Dion - Power of Love

Real McCoy - Another Night

Real McCoy - Runaway

Right Said Fred - I'm So Sexy

And of course...

Cranberries - Dreams

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