New Appreciation for the Category of "Classical"

Thanks to these songs, both of which I've already posted on this blog.

However, I must point out that each of these songs have since acquired additional meanings: These two songs below are my fighting songs for the moment in this year 2 of g-school.

I've never really been opened up to the category "classical","classically-trained musicians", "orchestra" or anything else related, though I've tried to be.

There was just no meaning to it for me. In grade school, there was no band, there was no instruments. All we really learned was how to sing church songs and Christmas songs. In my all-boys Catholic high school, the reality was that being associated with music was associated with a stigmatized sexual orientation.

Being working immigrants, my folks didn't listen much to classical either and left the car radio to my sister and I, which we made sure to fill with Gangsta's Paradise and MC Lyte's Keep Keepin' On.

I saw classical and orchestra music in antagonistic terms, which didn't improve with the internet. I would look for my selection of rap, hip-hop, R&B, jazz. And when I did, I encountered internet battles and micro-insults questioning the legitimacy of rap and hip-hop as "music", mostly stemming from "classically-trained musicians." So I used to see classical and orchestra music as "borgeoisie."

I guess my life in 2011 has gotten so bourgeoisie that my "tastes have evolved to the point where I consume music like someone would consume high art.

Anyhow, the first piece isn't really an all out orchestra, but I appreciate the sounds of the cello.

Hood Internet/Ellie Goulding/Kanye West/Portland Cello Project - All of the Lights Mashup

Said one youtube commenter
"The drums are making love to Ellie's voice and it sounds beautiful."

Bit of a strange comment that I don't think the commenter would make if Ellie wasn't attractive, but nonetheless I agree and felt the need to point it out still.

The drums pressure-pumping with the cello's importance reminds me of the depths of rising from nowhere.

Madolin Orchestra Ensemble - Always With Me

I don't know many terms for orchestra music, but, it's a piece that cycles, but each time it does, it comes back with something slightly different. The syncness with variation of the guitars gives it many different little flavors. The xylophone players inch deeper and deeper, and the gong drums sound even more important.

This song in its cycles reminds me of all the depth and beauty of Savatri.

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