Sad Songs of November

Bluesy mood.

Boy o boy, every freakin' year in grad school at around November.

I suffer some kind of significant other heartbreak.

At this point, it's all fodder for comedy.

The application to be my girlfriend/significant other/partner has officially opened.

1) Breathing and Walking
2) Be really really excited about me at first, just by reading my writing
3) As the months pile on, taper your excitement, find out that I'm not that exciting in real life
4) Get ready to officially cut ties and dump my ass by next October. 

If interested, please call 1-323-DNT-CARE, many times

Al Green - How to Mend a Broken Heart

Via my friend Ivan Galavante.

Amy Winehouse - Help Yourself

Wyclef - Gone Till November

New Edition - If It Isn't Love

This was actually a song given to me by a friend named Geetz. Song made me happy and optimistic, so I'll end on that.

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