Eternal Summer of 2011

This is dedicated to you.

You, La Brea Tar pits. You, Yao Ming. You, traffic Stops. You, morning jogs. You, parking lots...even at churches. You, reunions. You, Culver City and Marina Del Rey. You, Boogeyboarding. You, food anthropology. You, Mythologies. You, me.

If you think this is an all-inclusive "you" as I usually do, you're wrong. In this case, there's only one you.

Martin Solveig - Night Out

Always With Me

My Sister's Modelling Days Music

Once upon a time, my lil sister was a model for this "exotic" Filipino clothing line called the Lakambini clothing collection. She got into the LA Times once.

1994-1996 were the years. I attended some 10-15 of her modelling gigs and probably over 50 of her practices; they were defining events for our family, as in my mom and dad would clear out their schedules for this.

While there was a decidedly "feminine" tone to these gigs and practices, and there were tons of hot older mostly Filipina girls, I was a wee-10-year old trying to sort out, perform, and project my own masculinity. LOL, I was hoping someone would take notice of me.

I was taking karate classes and projected out the lessons learned into their practices.

One time when I was doing squats, the modelling coach, Bobby, smiling, asked me if I was doing gymnastics.

"No, it's karate," I laughed off his ignorance and femininity.

If that story was current and featured an adult iteration of me, it would be the thoughts and actions of a super-douche, and I'd give people the license to slap me.

Anyhow, the songs below, decidedly, remind me of good times.

Celine Dion - Power of Love

The Michigan Football Song

I just love Michigan Football. I don't know why. UCLA is my home school (and the Banana Slugs!), but they've always been defined by college basketball.

Maybe has to do with being the most visual symbol of college football. Maybe it's the Blue and Maize, the song, the brick walls that remind me of the Chicago Cubs' Wrigley Field. Maybe it's the huge super enthusiastic crowd. I love their symbolic audio: Hail to the Victors, nowadays I just like to see Michigan score a TD just to hear the song.

The best moments to hear that Victory song?

I remember witnessing the amazingly acrobatic Charles Woodson.

The Childhood Hero Theme Songs

There were two cartoons I distinctly remember watching as a child. I was proud as hell to show any and anyone my adoration of them.

1. Ghostbusters

Funny observations from youtube:

So terrible. That ghost was having a good time, minding his own business. Avoiding the trash cans trying not to cause trouble. But no. Our society will not tolerate dirty dirty ghosts.- miguelangel39
Why does a ghost need to avoid walking into trash?  JankyToe

2. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

First, it was Ghostbusters, my first real heroes. My preference of them goes back to my early years in Chicago. I got not only the action figures and the station firehouse, but the proton pack, and even boots to embody the Ghostbusterhood.

My dad took the liberty of taping episodes, and as an 8-year old I kept re-watching episodes I'd watched as a 4-year old. My cousins from San Diego keep reminding me of my first visit to them and how they'd been impressed at how I was able to spell the word "Ghostbusters" backwards. Sretsubtsohg <--- yes, I had to pause and think about how to spell that.

For some reason, I had a liking for the character named Winston, the guy wearing light blue, and the only black character in the cartoon series. I do not know why. Maybe I related to him? Maybe something subconscious, heh.

I don't know how it happened but all of a sudden when I was 5 or 6, I started liking the Ninja Turtles. I know it was sometime after my family moved to LA in 1989. Suddenly, I got the action figures, and the Nintendo Video games to go with them. To this day, I can't really recall many episodes or even the movies made about them, I just remember which characters embodied a certain collection of traits and where I fit in: Donatello, the machine genius, Leonardo the leader, Raphael, the rude, wise guy, Michaelangelo, the party guy. Leonardo or Donatello.

To Store and Use For the Rough Times

Wondering why these songs are not on the local radio anymore.

I guess not happy enough.

2Pac Baby Don't Cry (Feat. Outlawz) - Subtitulos EspaƱol BY MAGNARE from 2pacmakaveli on Vimeo.

One of the Most Durable Songs Ever

Curtis Mayfield's Move On Up.

First heard it when I watched Bend it Like Beckham.

Reminds me of Luol "the star" Deng, the concepts of resilience, pliability, and running up hills no matter what.

2Pac - Pain

When I first fell in love with basketball, I wanted to watch every movie with any mention of it. There was a slew of basketball movies: White Men Can't Jump, Blue Chips, and then this movie with 2Pac Shakur, Above the Rim.

The last movie, I didn't get at all. I thought it was violent, they said lots of bad words, and I was scared of 2Pac.

Dom had been bumping this song a few months ago, and I was too lazy to look up another 2Pac song.

Now I came across this song when looking for a lighthearted youtube comment about how violent the streetball game portrayed in Above the Rim was, "these niggaz is playin' NBA Blitz." I came across the above clip, and for various folks in my life I think it makes sense.