Eternal Summer of 2011

This is dedicated to you.

You, La Brea Tar pits. You, Yao Ming. You, traffic Stops. You, morning jogs. You, parking lots...even at churches. You, reunions. You, Culver City and Marina Del Rey. You, Boogeyboarding. You, food anthropology. You, Mythologies. You, me.

If you think this is an all-inclusive "you" as I usually do, you're wrong. In this case, there's only one you.

Martin Solveig - Night Out

LehtMoJoe (Lupe Fiasco/The Strokes) - Macchu Pichu Goes On

Foster the People - Houdini (RAC Remix)

Ellie Goulding/Kanye West/Portland Cello Project - All of the Lights Mashup

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