The Storm of 2010

Career-wise, I was fine and moving up.

Mentally, I was getting chewed up.

Sprinkled in were moments of happiness, but mostly moments of sadness, bittersweet opportunity, and resolve.

Let's just say that these songs remind me of sleeping at my godsister's couch in her condo in the winter of LB, using OKCupid to find a date (I know it shouldn't be stigmatized, but I feel dirty and slightly pathete admitting that), and the actual rainstorms that closed out 2010 in Southern California.

I'm reminded of Metro subway station and looking at an old flame and her new beau.

As did this song. This song also reminded me of a lonely Christmas and New Years.

Karen O and the Kids - Rumpus

The Rumpus Song is from the movie Where the Wild Things Are, but I found it extremely healing. It reminds me of me trying to rebuild my mental stability by jumping on newfound opportunities.

Body Language - You Can

Body Language's song reminds me of all that OKCupid goodness. I was using the only skill I know I have for sure to woo and sway. But OMG, they would drop me like a piece of hot coal if they heard my sucky slow voice and my actual inability to be as witty in person.

The Hood Internet - It Was a Rainy Day (Ice Cube vs. CFCF)

The Hood Internet mashes up an old LA Classic today was a good day with some dude who makes dreamy-like beats. I like it. The song was especially fresh during my friend Dom's 28th birthday where it was raining like hell and folks still came out to Santa Monica.

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