Back to 199...


Los Angeles, CA.

Post LA Riots. Post Chicago Bulls second championship.

My parents were renting our first house in the LA community known as Atwater Village.

Just had my 8th birthday.

The first time I [was privileged enough] to sleep in my own room, though I was scared. My dad had his artists' desk there and was attending art school; was always up late and doing something mind-blowing.

What I remember about Summer that year: the development of my love for basketball. My daily dose of activities included watching the Olympics, developing my skills on my 8-foot basketball hoop (of course made that tall by standing it on a chair), rewinding and re-watching a video cassette tape of Game 6 of the 1992 NBA Finals (complete with Mo' Money in Theaters ads), collecting basketball cards with Cheryl.

For some reason, I remember this song always playing, very prominently.

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