Can you get much higher?

Kanye's album is what I call the do-work album with just this and the Monster song. "Do-work" meaning I think of all the hard work that is laid down for me to pick up on in my "road to redemption."

Kanye's song Dark Fantasy is the embodiment of fire-on-the-shoulder, strike-gold for the team kinda music.

At first I only liked the song because of this line at 2:28...

"fresh air,
rollin' down the window
too many urkels on your team,
that's why yo wins lowww!!!

Of course making reference to Steve Urkel and the protagonist Winslow family from the popular 90s TV show Family Matters, a show that Savatri said she watched "religiously."

But there's more to the song than just that witty reference.

Once the beat drops at 1:07, the work of redemption, ass-kicking packaged into it's distinctive repetitive, yet elegant keyboard sound, you know its




I probably sounded like a douchebag doing that pause for effect in my writing, but this blog's sort of dedicated to feelings and you can't logically argue against feelings.

Why? Probably because it's the beginning of a song with some dramatic drops.

Dramatic drops like...the moment he slides from the 2nd a-capella chorus at 2:02 to the fury of...

"Look like a fat booty Celine Dion
sex is on fire I'm the king of Leon
-a Lewis
beyond the truest
hey teacha teacha
tell me how do you re-spond to students
and re-fresh the page
and re-start the memory,
re-spark the soul
and re-build the energy,
we stop the ignorance,
we kill the enemy..."

It's like a Manny Pacquiao flurry. It's like an instance where the middle of a song is actually a climax and not just filler in between a strong start or strong ending.

I'm not sure why he brings up teachers and students, but at least he questions how we can we figure out ways --- better to put that on the mind that diamonds, women, partying, and alcohol.

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